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If you are trying to create or redo your credit history, secured credit cards can be a good tool. Secure card is the most valuable because it can be a stepping stone out of traditional, unsafe credit cards that offer more rewards or lower rates. Using a secure card, you can switch to unsafe cards as quickly as possible.

Make a safe card for good use.

Understand how safe cards work

Whenever you buy something with a credit card, the card issuer pays you money for your purchase. Your signature on credit card receipt will be promised promise. For this reason, you need a decent credit to qualify for most credit cards: If you have a low credit rating or no credit history, give credit to the card issuer will not be too confident to give credit history so that you probably do not have a license card.

With a secure credit card, you can show that you can take care of the loan without any risk taking the issuer. You pay a credit card issuer who uses the card as a security card for the money you borrow. You effectively secure this loan. In most cases, your line credit is equal to the amount of your deposit. For example, if you deposit $ 300, you have $ 300 credits available.

A secure card is not the same as a prepaid card. With prepaid cards, you are loading money into the card and the card issuer uses these money to pay for your purchase. If you do not pay your credit card bill with a secure credit card, your deposit will be used only by the issuer. It is important that you pay your bill.

Use your secure card expertly

The choices you make while receiving and using a secure card can significantly contribute to improving your balance. You should do:

Get a credit note that will be reported to credit bureaus. Using a secure card can help you to improve your credit, but if the issuer reports your account activity to the credit bureaus - you can create business credit reports. Before you receive a secure card, check whether the performer does.

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Use the card. The card issuer must be convinced that you can use the card responsibly. To prove it, you really have to buy things. Small purchases in one month are also considered as activity on the card and help to make your credit score.

Keep your usage low. The usage ratio is the total amount to be paid in your account. This amount has been expressed as a percentage of your available balance. (If you have a $ 500 credit limit and it also has $ 150 credit limit, your ratio is 30%.) The lower credit usage rate shows that you do not spend more. If you want to make a big purchase, it will bring you close to the limit, you pay immediately - even before this is possible.

Make a payment on time each time. The timely payment of your bill to make a good credit history is the most important factor. If you pay a minimum payment of less than a year, your score is likely to decrease and you will find it difficult to get your secured card to a conclusion. Of course, paying overall balance throughout the month is very good. However, if you need to balance for some time, at least the minimum payment is still important.

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